28 Sep 2015

Chinese buyers eye up Fiji's islands

9:02 am on 28 September 2015

An international island broker says more Chinese buyers are eyeing up islands in Fiji following new visa requirements.

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Photo: RNZ

As of March this year, nationals of Fiji and China can visit the other country on a holiday for up to 30 days without a visa.

Islands in Fiji can be purchased with a government permit or on a leasehold basis with prices reaching millions of US dollars.

The president of Vladi Private Islands, Farhad Vladi, says the visa changes and possibility of direct flights between the two countries is having an impact in China.

"I would say we have had, statistically, my feeling would be, ten times more interest since the visa requirement and direct flights were agreed upon, definitely."

Farhad Vladi says the majority of the buyers are looking to the Pacific for a holiday escape from the dense population and pollution issues in China.