1 Oct 2015

Cooks police to enforce helmet use in motorbike tests

8:33 pm on 1 October 2015

A number of crashes by novice motorcycle riders while undertaking their licence tests in the Cook Islands has prompted police to enforce a new helmet rule.

Police Inspector John Strickland says during tests, people have been running into parked police cars and walls, hurtling onto the road and sustaining injuries.

Mr Strickland says riders tend to treat the test site as a practice area, which it is not.

He says tourists and locals wanting to obtain a motorcycle licence will now be required to wear a helmet during the driving test.

Mr Strickland says most days, police test up to 70 people, while on a slow day they test about 30.

Meanwhile the Cook Islands Government is yet to enforce laws to make the wearing of helmets by motorcyclists compulsory and police have not committed to support a community push for this.

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