7 Oct 2015

Wallis slow to comply with seat belt law

3:19 pm on 7 October 2015

France has moved to apply the law making mandatory in Walis and Futuna for drivers and front seat passengers to wear seat belts.

 Seat belt

Seat belt Photo: Supplied

Wallis and Futuna became the last French Pacific territory to have the law when it was passed in 2012.

Although it came into effect in early 2013, the law has been widely ignored, prompting the administration to again push for its enforcement.

The territory's broadcaster says many drivers refuse to wear belts, saying they won't comply as long as traditional leaders haven't given their green light.

Wallis and Futuna is the only French territory that still allows for people to ride in the back of pick-up trucks.

France adopted a seat belt law in 1973, three years after the Australian state of Victoria had become the first jurisdiction to do so.