9 Nov 2015

Pacific urged to invest in youth development

9:56 am on 9 November 2015

The Director-General of the Pacific Community, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, has warned that failing to invest sufficiently in youth will come at substantial economic, social and political costs to the region.

The SPC says over half of the Pacific region's 10 million people are under the age of 25, of which an alarming 23 percent are currently unemployed.

UN Youth Envoy, Ahmad Alhendawi, with Niue youth.

UN Youth Envoy, Ahmad Alhendawi, with Niue youth. Photo: Supplied

Member countries and territories represented at the Pacific Community's 9th Conference in Niue last week agreed that a focus on youth would become a standing agenda item at the organisation's governing body meetings.

Colin Tukuitonga, says this is an opportunity to make a difference in ensuring responsive youth development in the region.

The UN Youth Envoy, Ahmad Alhendawi, says youth are opportunities not liabilities, and there are more than 5 million current and upcoming brilliant minds that have the potential to transform the region.