26 Nov 2015

Former Vanuatu MP continues serving people despite dissolution

4:52 pm on 26 November 2015

A young Vanuatu politician says he will continue serving the people who voted him into parliament despite the president's decision to dissolve the house earlier this week.

Kenneth Natapei was elected as an MP for Port Vila last month in a by-election following the death of his father, Edward Natapei but did not even have a chance to take his oath on the floor of parliament before the dissolution.

Mr Natapei says more than 4,000 people voted him into power and he feels the president's actions have not only wasted taxpayers' money but also robbed him of the opportunity to serve his constituents.

"After the elections I have had communities and young people approaching me for help in terms of aid. Donations of stuff and to help them with projects. But I am still working with a company so the little I can give that is what I am doing now I am helping with what little I have earned from a private company."

Vanuatu flag

Vanuatu flag Photo: Supplied