Bougainville says NGO against any foreign involvement in mining

8:22 pm on 30 November 2015

The president of Bougainville, John Momis, says if the NGO, Jubilee Australia, had its way there would be no more foreign investment in mining there.

Since early this year the autonomous Papua New Guinea region has its own mining legislation with plans for a possible resumption at the Panguna mine.

President of the autonomous Bougainville government, John Momis.

President of the autonomous Bougainville government, John Momis. Photo: RNZI

But Jubilee Australia has been a strong critic of the legislation despite Bougainville claims it is the first law in the world to give landowners control over their resources.

Jubilee says, as it stands, the legislation is too weak to ensure landowners could so no to mining plans.

John Momis says this is not the case and he claims Jubilee's assertions are based on faulty research.

"If you follow their recommendation there would be no foreign investor allowed in mining in Bougainville, and that is not what we want. We want mining but under very stringent conditions that would secure the best interests of the people of Bougainville."