5 Jan 2016

Kiribati film maker raises funds for climate doco

12:52 pm on 5 January 2016

A Canada-based Swiss-filmmaker has started a crowd funding appeal to help finance the final leg of his two-year journey documenting the outgoing Kiribati President Anote Tong's campaign to save his people from the negative effects of climate change.

Matthieu Rytz flies to Kiribati this week to film the final chapter of "Anote's Ark" which will premiere early this year but needs $50,000 to cover costs of the final shoot as well as translation, editing and post-production costs.

Mr Rytz says he hopes the film will show the world the effect of its inaction.

"They have their own lifestyle, their own culture and they are really, really linked to the, yeah to the spirit of their land. And for me it is like to see them basically being victim of something they never even contribute to give me a very strong feeling actually of we need to tell the story."

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Photo: Shifani Sood