8 Feb 2016

Concern about historic trees in Cooks

12:05 pm on 8 February 2016

A concerned citizen in the Cook Islands says historic trees are diminishing, and they need to be preserved and protected.

Noora Baker, of Baker Trees Services, has a passion for historic trees, says there are only 30 per cent of historic trees in Rarotonga at present and people must understand the need to protect these trees.

Mr Baker told the Cook Islands News that some of these historic trees include the mahogany, old chestnuts, mango trees, uto trees, and the kapok and koka tree - of where there are not many left.

He said they were mostly along the shoreline of Rarotonga and had lived for close to a 100 years, but some were being burnt or cut down unnecessarily.

Mr Baker said there was a great need to relook at the protection of our historic trees, which had been around for generations, and those that the Cook Islands had been known for and beautified with.

He added that the government must consider reviewing the legislation of historic tree protection in the Cook Islands.

A beach in the Cook Islands

A beach in the Cook Islands Photo: RNZI / Megan Whelan