23 Jun 2016

Vice regal backing for the status quo in Cooks battle

7:25 am on 23 June 2016
Cook Islands Parliament

Cook Islands Parliament Photo: Supplied

The Cook Island's Queen's Representative says parliament was properly adjourned on Friday.

This statement may quash opposition claims it had removed the government but the coalition is continuing to seek legal clarification and maintain the vice regal view is wrong.

Tom Marsters read a statement on local radio making clear his view.

The opposition had been seeking his approval for their supposed vote of no confidence in the government of Henry Puna on Monday.

That vote had been called farcical by the government and Mr Marsters has agreed.

Mr Marsters said parliament was adjourned sine die, without a fixed next sitting date, and it is for the Queen's Representative to announce the next sitting day, and he did not direct such a sitting for June 20th.

The Opposition coalition had argued that neither of two adjournment options were valid so parliament remained open, giving a window for the vote.

It is continuing to work with its legal team with a former Clerk of Parliament and an authority on parliamentary procedure and practice, John Scott, critical of the Queen's Representative.

Ruling party willing to welcome back pivotal defector

The ruling party in the Cook Islands said it would welcome back MP Rose Brown despite her crossing the floor this week for the no-confidence vote.

Rose Brown had been named as the new prime minister.

A senior member of the Cook Islands Party, finance minister Mark Brown, said they would welcome her back because they needed her support.

He said she had 'burnt herself at the altar' and 'exposed herself as being disloyal.'

But Mark Brown said she had been manipulated and they would take a forgiving stance and take her back as her support is critical to the party.