12 Jul 2016

Vanuatu govt crackdown on vehicle misuse

11:40 am on 12 July 2016

Politicians and civil servants with government vehicles in Vanuatu will soon face punishment if they're caught abusing the privilege.

Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Jotham Napat said politicians were hiring rental cars unnecessarily, using government cars outside of work time, and spending money on fuel excessively.

From left to right - Director General of the Vanuatu Ministry of Climate Change, Jotham Napat and NDMO Technical Advisor Benjamin Shing speak to the press at one of the nightly briefings.

Vanuatu minister Jotham Napat. Photo: RNZI / Koroi Hawkins

He said an audit revealed they could save just over nine million US Dollars over the next 5 years if they implemented the recommendations made.

"Politicians and the civil servants they're taking advantage, because they were given cars and the took the liberty to use it, abuse it," Mr Napat said.

"The car is to assist in terms of the service delivery of the government. It has not turned out the way that we expect."

Jotham Napat said it was too early to comment on what they would do to ensure the abuse stopped but it might involve GPS or locking up government vehicles after work hours.