13 Jul 2016

Returning Nauru Govt promises more stability

3:49 pm on 13 July 2016

Baron Waqa, who was president of the previous Nauru Government has been re-elected to the position, taking 16 of the 18 votes.

Baron Waqa, President of Nauru

Baron Waqa, President of Nauru Photo: RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta

The parliament has met today for its first time following the general election on Saturday.

Cyril Buraman, one of the members for Anetan/Ewa, has been voted in as the new Speaker.

In the Aiwo constituency, where voting was put off until Monday after a legal dispute, Milton Dube and Aaron Cook have taken the two seats.

The Nauru Government said its increased majority promises more continuity and further stability.