25 Jul 2016

Sport: American Samoan to officiate at Rio

12:33 pm on 25 July 2016

American Samoan Paepaetele Mapu Jamias has been appointed to officiate at his second Olympic games in Rio.

Paepaetele has been certified as a technical official for the boxing competition.

Paepaetele received his accreditation at a recent boxing executive meeting.

Paepaetele Mapu Jamias

Paepaetele Mapu Jamias Photo: Supplied

He said he counted it a privilege and an honour to be involved in Rio.

"This is really my second Olympics. I thought after England, it was a dream come true to be a part of it," Paepaetele said.

"To be a part of a second Olympics, I am very grateful. I am really looking forward to again serving American Samoa (and making them) proud because it's not very easy."

Paepaetele said the fact that Australia was the only country that qualified for competition from the Oceanic region made it even more special.

Four competition wildcard spots were were given to Oceania with Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu receiving them in the male divisions and the Federated States of Micronesia receiving a female spot.