29 Jul 2016

Sport: Guam has no issues with Olympic village

1:09 pm on 29 July 2016

The Guam team is settling into life in the Olympic village and seem comfortable despite earlier international concerns and complaints about the readiness of the facilities there.

Preparations had been marred by budget issues for the city of Rio de Janeiro, a national political crisis, security concerns and this week the Australian delegation said they preferred to stay outside the village as the accommodation at village was "not safe or ready" due to leaky plumbing, blocked toilets and exposed wires.

The Australians were staying at nearby hotels but have since moved around 50 athletes back to the village.

One of the athletes' rooms at the Rio Olympic village.

One of the athletes' rooms at the Rio Olympic village. Photo: AFP

Guam has arrived in Rio and their Chef de Mission, Joey Miranda III said he had no worries and progress was going well.

"They are actually working quite hard," he said.

"It seems like it's just a 24 hour process at the moment. They are working with us to make sure that they meet the demands that we request.

"They have been progressing since I got here on Sunday. Everything has been falling into place and they'll get everything straightened out so I am very happy with what's going on at the moment."