29 Nov 2016

Year's research to culminate in Samoa history e-book for schools

3:40 pm on 29 November 2016
Pacific Historian Damon Salesa

Damon Salesa Photo: Supplied

An Auckland University academic says a Samoan history conference last week will result in an electronic history book for schools.

The associate professor of Pacific studies received Marsden Award funding in 2013 for work into 'The Transformation of Everyday Life in Samoa from 1800 to 2000'.

2016 is the final year of that funding and the conference draws the project to a close.

Dr Salesa said work from the conference would flow into development already underway on the Mau, the nationalist movement in Samoa in the early 1900's.

"We had the really well know Samoan animator and illustrator Ali Cowley and then we had a graphic note taker who were tracking the conference," he said.

"So we're going to release their work but we're going to release it in a form which is actually targetting schools and just an interested audience, not an academic audience."

Dr Salesa said the e-books would be available free to schools early next year.