14 Apr 2017

Prominent Vanuatu businessman arrested on corruption charges

2:42 pm on 14 April 2017

A prominent Vanuatu businessman is expected to appear in court in August to face corruption and bribery charges.

Thomas Bayer was arrested alongside 16 government members of parliament in 2015.

14 of those MPs were convicted, prompting a snap election that led to a change of government.

MPs and their lawyers left Port Vila correctional centre after their court bailing.

Vanuatu MPs and their lawyers leaving Port Vila correctional centre after a session in court in 2015. Photo: RNZ / Hilaire Bule

But at their trial, the court agreed to a separate trial for Mr Bayer.

The Daily Post newspaper reported that Mr Bayer's case was listed for a pre-trial conference on August 16.

It also reported that the public prosecutor's office said that it would soon announce whether to pursue a retrial of conspiracy case of the jailed former MPs.