17 Feb 2017

New Solomons' welfare seen as vital for struggling families

From , 6:03 am on 17 February 2017

The Minister of Health in Solomon Islands says there is strong backing for his Child and Family Bill.

The bill is being debated in parliament and the minister, Tautai Kaitu'u, says the country has to deal head on with the breakdown of the traditional support structures, tensions between traditional values and western ways, the impact of  logging in remote areas and the rising numbers of children separated from their families for education.

Dr Kaitu'u told Don Wiseman that it is something that will affect only a few Solomons families but the bill gives a legal framework for the activities of welfare division staff as they attempt to assist struggling families.

Mararo Villagers in Solomon Islands are concerned about the impact of increased logging or pressure on fishing resources.

Photo: Supplied/Hugh Govan