31 Mar 2017

Facts of police raid on village near PNG mine disputed

From , 6:04 am on 31 March 2017

A human rights group in Papua New Guinea is sticking to its allegation that a Canadian mining company is behind a police raid near the Porgera gold mine last weekend.

The Akali Tange Association now says about 50 houses were burnt down in the operation and that police raped and assaulted villagers.

The mine co-owners Barrick Gold deny any involvement and dispute the number of homes that were destroyed.

Barrick says the operation was conducted under warrants issued by the Porgera District Court after drugs and evidence of other illegal activity was found there.

The company says police had notified individuals the temporary structures would be removed in advance of the operation.

It says its investigating the incident and encourages the Akali Tange Association to produce names of victims of abuse.

The association's Chairman Langan Muri talked to Jo O'Brien.

Porgera fire

Photo: Supplied/ McDiyan Robert Yapari