1 Jun 2017

Former diplomat urges quiet diplomacy over Fiji

From , 4:04 am on 1 June 2017

A former civil servant in charge of Foreign Affairs in Fiji says New Zealand and Australia should persist in raising concerns over democracy in the country.

Robin Nair resigned as permanent secretary of the department in April concerned that the administration was, as he put it, being ruled with an iron fist.

Mr Nair says Fiji is in a militarised democracy, despite the elections in 2014 which saw Frank Bainimarama retain power in a landslide victory.

He told Sally Round New Zealand and Australia should use every possibility to make their concerns heard.

Robin Nair (L) when he was Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama at prepartory talks for the UN Oceans Conference

Photo: Fiji Government