28 Jul 2017

Fiji mismanagement getting worse - CCF

From , 5:01 am on 28 July 2017

Financial mismanagement in Fiji's government departments is getting worse, according to a civil society organisation.

Last week, the annual report of the auditor general was released, which identified areas of misspending, unaccounted funds and a lack of transparency. 

Among the highlights included, US$15 million unaccounted from the National Fire Authority, $1.2 million in unused grants at the lands ministry, and a container load of medicine that sat on a wharf for 253 days. 

In the report, the auditor general said expenditure authorisation and budgetary control needs to be improved, as well as greater accountability and transparency. 

The Citizens Constitutional Forum says it's been calling for improvements since it was founded in 1991. 

The forum's chief executive, Sara Bulutani, told Jamie Tahana the auditor general's report shows that nothing has changed.

Citizens Constitutional Forum, CEO

Citizens Constitutional Forum, CEO Photo: CCF