31 Aug 2017

Spectre of US military disruption shadows CNMI tourism success

From , 3:02 pm on 31 August 2017

The tourism sector in the Northern Marianas hopes its impressive growth won't be interrupted by US military plans.

The CNMI is the world's third fastest growing tourist destination, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

In 2016, tourist arrivals in the CNMI grew by just over 37 percent on the previous year.

The Managing Director for the Marianas Visitors Authority, Chris Concepcion spoke to Johnny Blades about the growth, and the potential disruption posed by US military expansion in the region.

He began by explaining that the Marianas' main tourism market is South Korea, with China and Japan also primary sources.

The waters near Bird Island lookout in Saipan

The waters near Bird Island lookout in Saipan Photo: RNZI / Mark Rabago