20 May 2016

Tagata o te Moana for 21 May 2016

From Tagata o te Moana, 5:30 pm on 20 May 2016

The Samoan government has been warned not to consider proposed changes to the constitution to further recognise Christianity; Asylum seekers and refugees held on Papua New Guinea's Manus island have told the country's chief justice they are still being held against their will on the island; Fiji's Parliamentary Speaker says she will not apologise for saying women are sometimes responsible for domestic violence; The recent Pacific Island Rugby league internationals have thrown up accusations of racism amid complaints over commentators not pronuncing Pasifka names correctly; Calls for Guam's Archbishop to stand down after sexual abuse allegation; Australia is partly to blame for enabling an authoritarian approach to government in Nauru; Norfolk Islanders opposed to the Australian take over on the island are disputing claims of plenntiful work; Te Papa Museum collects Chamorro exhibits from Guam in an effort to share Micronesian culture with the South Pacific.