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  • Jonny Be Good- An album for Jono Wilson ( 11′ 4″ )

    A serious car accident took Auckland session drummer Jono Wilson out of action late last year. In response his friends and collaborators have pitched in songs to help fund his recovery. We talk with singer-songwriter Lydia Cole and Avalance City's Dave Baxter about the resulting album- Jonny Be Good.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 02 Aug 2014

  • NZ Live - Stormporter ( 39′ 46″ )

    Stormporter was founded by two brits, Tim Allen and Tony Thorburm and they, along with their band are in the studio with us.

    From New Zealand Live on 01 Aug 2014

  • Marlon Williams live session ( 28′ 10″ )

    An exclusive and intimate live session with The Prince of Lyttelton revealing new tracks from upcoming debut solo album hosted by Nick Atkinson.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 29 Jul 2014

  • The Sampler - Luluc, Passerby ( 9′ 10″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews the new album from Australian duo Luluc, Passerby.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 26 Jul 2014

  • Tiny Ruins - European Tour Diary ( 23′ 44″ )

    When Tiny Ruins' new album, Brightly Painted One, was released earlier this year, singer-songwriter Hollie Fullbrook barely had time to celebrate. She was on a top-level concert hall tour of Europe, playing cello in Neil Finn's band, and performing as the support act every night. She was also preparing for her own, more DIY, European shows and a six-month world tour ahead, and she somehow managed to make us a tour diary.

    From Adventures in Musicland on 26 Jul 2014

  • Introducing - Fu King ( 5′ 18″ )

    Fu King, with their song 'Whatungarongaro Te Tangata Toitū Te Whenua'


    From Introducing on 26 Jul 2014

  • Seth Africa ( 9′ 11″ )

    Joe Sampson is usually seen weilding a guitar in Christchurch bands T54, Salad Boys and The Dance Asthmatics. After accidentally finding a way to turn an 80s 4-track recorder into a makeshift synth, he's made an EP under the name Seth Africa - Gemma Syme paid a visit to his bedroom studio.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 26 Jul 2014

  • Jeremy Redmore - Clouds Are Alive ( 11′ 25″ )

    Jeremy Redmore, former lead singer of Midnight Youth dropped his debut solo album Clouds Are Alive this week - Nick Atkinson found out more.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 26 Jul 2014

  • Anika Moa - Children's Music Awards ( 7′ 21″ )

    Earlier this week Anika Moa picked up the Apra Best Children's song of the year for 'Colours are Beautiful', and the Tui for best Children's album, for her album Songs for Bubbas, inspired by her young twins Barry and Taane. She speaks to Emma Smith about her win.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 26 Jul 2014

  • The Sampler - Matthias Jordan, Sounds Of Asia ( 7′ 10″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews a set of synth-pop from former Pluto keyboard player Matthias Jordan.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 26 Jul 2014

  • Te Awanui Reeder -Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori ( 36′ 11″ )

    In celebration of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori - Maori Language Week - Te Awanui 'Awa' Reeder joins Emma Smith in studio for a Kōrero  and presents some of his contemporary Māori music essentials.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 26 Jul 2014

  • Womad 2014 Live: Kimbra, Red Baraat ( 53′ 2″ )

    Aotearoa's own Kimbra who, having not played in New Zealand for some time, pulls a vibrant, young and very large crowd. Also hear Brooklyn, New York based band, Red Baraat ignite the audience with their mix of Indian Bhangra rhythms with a New Orleans brass section.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 25 Jul 2014

  • Introducing - Midnight Gallery ( 4′ 5″ )

    Auckland Hip Hop outfit Midnight Gallery with their track Memory.

    From Introducing on 21 Jul 2014

  • French for Rabbits tour diary ( 22′ 30″ )

    Beginning at Brighton's industry showcase 'The Great Escape', Brooke Singer and John Fitzgerald ramble around Europe, taking in the sights of Switzerland, Austria, Croatia and the Czech Republic, and charming audiences along the way.

    From Adventures in Musicland on 19 Jul 2014

  • Jungle ( 9′ 12″ )

    With a series of beautifully choreographed music videos, disco falsettos to make the Bee Gees proud, and a tight live show to support their debut album, Jungle are a fast rising act on the UK music scene. We find out about why the duo's initial releases were shrouded in mystery. Kirsten Johnstone speaks with Tom McFarland about the groups beginnings.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 19 Jul 2014

  • The Sampler - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ( 17′ 36″ )

    Nick Bollinger talks to Graham Nash about a new box set marking the 40th anniversary of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's historic 1974 stadium tour.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 19 Jul 2014

  • The Surgery ( 14′ 14″ )

    The Surgery Studios, run by Lee Prebble, has been a hub for Wellington bands for over a decade.

    Emma Smith caught up with Lee now residing in new premises, after the original Surgery, set up in a building earmarked for demolition, was finally bowled this year.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 19 Jul 2014

  • Farewell Tommy Ramone ( 16′ 11″ )

    Tommy Ramone, drummer, producer and last surviving founding member of The Ramones died on 11 July 2014 aged 65.

    Trevor Reekie talks to Monte A. Melnic, friend, tour manager and author of the best selling book On the Road with the Ramones. Also joining the conversation is kiwi musician Jean McAllister from the NZ band the Drongos who recorded with Tommy Ramone in New York in the late 70s.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 19 Jul 2014

  • Hilltop Hoods ( 10′ 50″ )

    Adelaidean rap trio Hilltop Hoods are one of Australia's biggest hip hop exports, but their meat and potatoes boom bap has yet to cut through in New Zealand. Hilltop Hoods' MC Suffa tell us why he thinks NZ hip hop acts are winning the Trans-Tasman battle.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 19 Jul 2014

  • Womad 2014 Live: Hollie Smith, Dub Inc. ( 51′ 10″ )

    Hollie Smith and her three-piece band keep the impending rain away with a compelling set that showcases Hollie's indisputable vocal talent. Plus a set from respected French roots and reggae band Dub Inc. This seven-piece multi-racial band prove popular with Aotearoa's reggae-loving audience.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Jul 2014

  • South of Heaven - Kris Stanley - Sinistrous Diabolus ( 37′ 29″ )

    Kris Stanley (aka N.K.S) joined Christchurch doom/death metal merchants Sinistrous Diabolus in the early 90s, and the band is responsible for New Zealand's first world-class extreme metal release, 1993's Opus One. Stanley has also played with Diocletian and Witchrist, two of New Zealand's leading extreme metal bands, and he currently plays in sludge metal band Stone Angels.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Jul 2014