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  • Julian Temple Band ( 10′ 48″ )

    After touring his fourth album, Upsidedownbackwards, through his native California in 2013, Julian Temple and his family left their beachside home in Dunedin to try living in the USA.Now based in Dunedin again, Anthonie Tonnon asks Julian Temple what brought him back.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Dec 2014

  • The Secret Life of Instrument Repair ( 25′ 09″ )

    Like most musicians, The Phoenix Foundation's Samuel Scott has a lot of broken musical equipment. Getting vintage gear fixed (or more broken) can be a long, confusing, heart-breaking journey into the homes of part-time electronics nerds and soldering geniuses. Samuel Scott investigates the secret world of instrument repair.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Dec 2014

  • Nadia Reid - Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs ( 9′ 28″ )

    We speak to Port Chalmers born singer-songwriter Nadia Reid, who has just released her debut album Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Dec 2014

  • Lonnie Holley - A North American Original ( 14′ 05″ )

    From Birmingham, Alabama, Lonnie Holley is a self-taught visual artist and musician. In his 64 years, Holley has overcome grinding poverty to pursue his art, and now his idiosyncratic improvised music is being championed by a growing legion of musicians, fans and critics. Midway through a North American tour with Daniel Lanois, Trevor Reekie tracks down Holley and his manager Matt Arnett.

    From Access All Areas on 13 Dec 2014

  • Red Bull Music Academy: Tokyo 2014 ( 15′ 01″ )

    For the last 16 years, the world-travelling Red Bull Music Academy has served as a wellspring of inspiration and rite of passage for countless emerging musicians from across the globe. Late last month Martyn Pepperell attended the academy, held this year in Tokyo's storied Shibuya district. He walks us through a day in the life of the academy, speaking with participants and staff along the way.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Dec 2014

  • Introducing: Mzwètwo ( 4′ 24″ )

    Mzwètwo introducing his new song Don't Think Twice.

    From Introducing on 13 Dec 2014

  • RZA - Wu Tang Clan ( 14′ 06″ )

    More than 20 years have passed since Wu-Tang Clan released Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), but their grimy, game-changing debut still resonates today. Wu-Tang's de-facto leader RZA talks to Emma Smith about the ups and downs of pulling the clan back together, and why their latest album A Better Tomorrow may be their last.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Dec 2014

  • Womad Taranaki 2015 Preview ( 53′ 28″ )

    The annual Womad Taranaki Festival is a family friendly music event with an emphasis on discovery of music, culture, language, costume and cuisine held at the beautiful Brooklands Park in New Plymouth. Trevor Reekie introduces a selection of the International and lucky local artists heading to the festival and has a look behind the scenes with the newly appointed Artistic Director, Emere Wano.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 12 Dec 2014

  • NZ Live - Macombee and The Absolute Truth ( 39′ 08″ )

    New Zealand Live today with West Auckland band, Macombee and the Absolute Truth.

    From Afternoons on 12 Dec 2014

  • Introducing: Hey Frankie ( 6′ 53″ )

    Jess Palmer introduces her band Hey Frankie, and their song 'Out Of My Hands' from the EP Guess Who.

    From Introducing on 06 Dec 2014

  • Natural NZ Festival ( 12′ 06″ )

    The Natural Music Festival is the largest 100% New Zealand music affair outside of New Zealand. This year saw a reunited Scribe and P-Money, Dave Dobbyn, Shapeshifter and Anika Moa play to ex-pat music lovers in Perth and Brisbane. Nights producer Robyn Rockgirl Walker checked out the Brisbane edition, on a mission to unearth even one Australian among the Brisbane-based Kiwi crowd.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Dec 2014

  • The Secret Life Of Music Royalties ( 24′ 12″ )

    Recently Iggy Pop delivered a lecture on BBC Radio called 'Free Music in a Capitalist Society', in which he lambasted record companies for screwing musicians into penury. If the "computer Putins" had their way, he argued, he'd be tending bars between sets to support himself. Julie Hill looks into music royalties in New Zealand: who gets how much and for what, where the money's coming from and what are the alternatives.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Dec 2014

  • Kane Strang live at Roseneath Long Hall ( 17′ 36″ )

    Heavy-hearted Dunedin singer songwriter Kane Strang, recorded live at his debut Wellington show at the Roseneath Long Hall, November 15th, 2014.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Dec 2014

  • Dictaphone Blues - Mufti Day ( 13′ 02″ )

    Dictaphone Blues' Edward Castelow wrote, recorded and mixed almost every instrument on his new album, Mufti Day. He also developed a sound which blended vintage analog gear with modern mixing equipment. Castelow chats with Anthonie Tonnon.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Dec 2014

  • Tesla Coil Music ( 10′ 27″ )

    Melody Thomas reports on the strange sights and sounds coming from Victoria University of Wellington, where she finds three musical Tesla Coils, a robotic backing band, and some very clever people making magic happen behind the scenes.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Dec 2014

  • The Sampler: TV On The Radio, Seeds ( 10′ 20″ )

    Nick Bollinger listens to the sonic daring and pop ambitions of TV On The Radio's latest record, Seeds.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Dec 2014

  • Ice Cube ( 14′ 17″ )

    Ice Cube was a member of seminal 80s gangster rap group NWA, and has gone on to a successful solo music career alongside producing, writing and starring in many hit movies. He's also one of the featured acts at Ragamuffin 2014. Ice Cube talks with Saturday Morning producer and long-time hip hop fan Mark Cubey about his intertwined careers and love of sport.

    From Featured Audio on 06 Dec 2014

  • NZ Live - Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men ( 35′ 07″ )

    Our New Zealand Live guests are Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men - they have a new album out.

    From Afternoons on 05 Dec 2014

  • Tyson Smith in Session ( 26′ 06″ )

    Well travelled guitarist Tyson Smith and Moog aficionado Ed Zuccollo join us with songs from Tyson's new album, The Hollow Tree.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 29 Nov 2014

  • The Secret Life of Conductors ( 28′ 41″ )

    The most prestigious and yet misunderstood role in the orchestra must be that of the conductor. Kirsten Johnstone finds out about the art of conducting from some of New Zealand's well known Maestros.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 29 Nov 2014

  • Introducing - Angelo King and Jono Das ( 5′ 54″ )

    Angelo King and Jono Das, introducing their collaboration The Lion And The Lotus

    From Introducing on 29 Nov 2014