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Carol Stiles

Host of Country Life

Photo of Carol Stiles

Producer and presenter of Country Life and (formerly) One in Five

Listening to National Radio runs in Carol’s family. She grew up listening to My Music and My Word beside her father, and her 18-year-old son recently surprised medical staff by requesting the radio be tuned to 101FM during an MRI scan.

Carol trained to become a journalist after completing an arts degree at Victoria University. Her first investigative radio interview was with the deputy prime minister. The fish and chip shop across the road from the Beehive was closing and it was Carol’s job to find out what he usually ordered (two fish and a scoop of chips).

Since then Carol has worked in news, rural news and for the past 14 years in features. She feels privileged to have a job that takes her down quiet country roads and into some of the most remote and beautiful spots in New Zealand to gather stories for her role with Country Life.

Carol has also been a producer for One in Five, formerly RNZ's programme on the issues and experience of disability.

She has also worked as a journalist in London and in the Turks and Caicos Islands. 

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