Jim Mora

Host of Afternoons

James Mora thought that "Jim" was friendlier for radio. This was a long time ago in Dunedin. James' mother disagreed, but her cries of "Common!" were to no avail, as young James attempted to reach a wide audience of radio listeners - in what he thought was an egalitarian fashion – by shortening his perfectly good Christian name.

So, many media incarnations later, only Jim's family and friends call him James. And, indeed, he has nothing against the name "Jim". There are many fine Jims, probably more than there are fine Jameses. Think about it, and you may well say "You know, that's right". Or you may not, and does it matter, because what's in a name? It's a small thing.

The same thing could be said of a CV. Jim could list all his career achievements here, and no-one would read them, because the truth about your Vita is that the only person who reads it is you. Everyone else just glances cursorily at the front page.

So here's Jim's, in one short paragraph:

Will host another series of TV ONE's Mucking In; is writing a second series of the little animation show The Adventures of Massey Ferguson; is at work on his (and artist Brent Chambers') big children's animation feature for TV, Staines Down Drains, a 26-part series with international partners; has some more children's books coming out; has three beautiful little children called Elizabeth, Jack and Grace; lives with partner Mary Lambie, former host of TV's Good Morning and now a broadcaster and columnist, in inner-city Auckland, with two cats also on the property and, usually, the neighbour's chickens as well.

Photo of Jim Mora

Jim Mora