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Melody Thomas

Photo of Melody Thomas

Presenter of Summer Music 101

In the lead-up to her birth, Melody Thomas’ parents decided to call her Megan. It wasn’t until after she arrived, when a suggestion of ‘Melanie’ was misheard by her father, that her real name was chosen. While devastating for 5 year-old Melody, who had come so close to sharing a name with the main character of the original My Little Pony series, this turn of events would later prove serendipitous - ensuring a career and life surrounded by music. 

Advised to ‘channel her creativity into ad writing’ while at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, Melody decided instead to find a place where she would never have to write, listen to or think about an advertisement for the rest of her broadcasting life. From producing her first feature for Spectrum in 2007, Melody was signed on to co-produce the first year of Summer Noelle, later  acting as a floating producer for everything from Afternoons to Saturday Morning and eventually making her way to Music 101, where she has happily remained ever since. 

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