20 Dec 2015

Selfies in the Galleries

From Sunday 4 'til 8, 4:06 pm on 20 December 2015
Selfie/Autoretrato inside an art museum.

Selfie inside an art museum Photo: CC BY-NC 2.0

September saw the first annual Art Crime Symposium held at the City Gallery in Wellington, and amongst the events was a panel discussion called “Selfies in the Galleries” chaired by Kim Hill.

‘Selfie’ was the 2014 word of the year - and people love taking selfies in front of artworks.  But what do they do with these images and how dangerous are those selfie sticks? And is it a crime to photograph someone else’s work, including a photograph of a photograph, and then send it into cyberspace via social media unbeknownst to the artist?

Joining Kim on the panel:

Dr Geoffrey Batchen

Dr Geoffrey Batchen Photo: Supplied

Dr Geoffrey Batchen

Geoffrey Batchen works as a teacher, writer and curator, focusing on the history of photography. He is particularly interested in the way that photography mediates every other aspect of modern life, whether we're talking about sex or war, atoms or planets, commerce or art.  Besides being an expert in the general theory and historiography of photography, Geoff has helped to pioneer the study of vernacular photography (photographs not intended as art, such as snapshots, commercial photos, and objects like photographic jewellery).



Sarah Farrar

Sarah Farrar Photo: Supplied

Sarah Farrar

Sarah Farrar leads Te Papa's art curatorial team and Te Papa's art programme. Her personal area of expertise is in contemporary art (both New Zealand and international art). She has a particular interest in examining exhibition histories and the social reception of contemporary art. Her current research projects include examining historical and contemporary approaches to art collection displays, and exploring innovative approaches to art education and interpretation.




Jim Barr

Jim Barr Photo: Supplied

Jim Barr

Jim Barr is a commentator and writer on contemporary art. With Mary Barr he publishes Over the Net an opinionated daily blog focused on the New Zealand art world but capable of anything. He lives in Wellington.

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