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Seasoned industry insider Trevor Reekie dodges past security to get to the heart of industry trends and happenings, pinning down the people with the good oil on the current state of the music biz, and where it might be going, as well as occasional glances over the shoulder to see how we got here.

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  • Lonnie Holley - A North American Original ( 14′ 05″ )

    From Birmingham, Alabama, Lonnie Holley is a self-taught visual artist and musician. In his 64 years, Holley has overcome grinding poverty to pursue his art, and now his idiosyncratic improvised music is being championed by a growing legion of musicians, fans and critics. Midway through a North American tour with Daniel Lanois, Trevor Reekie tracks down Holley and his manager Matt Arnett.

    From Access All Areas on 13 Dec 2014

  • Spandau Ballet - Soul Boys Of The Western World ( 15′ 07″ )

    Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley and Martin Kemp talk to Trevor Reekie about their career, from being posterboys of the New Romantic pop culture movement in the late 70s, to their acrimonious fall out that saw the band face off in court, and eventual reunion.

    From Access All Areas on 22 Nov 2014

  • Hunters & Collectors ( 12′ 10″ )

    When they called it a day in 1998 after nearly two decades together, Melbourne's Hunters & Collectors was a multi-platinum selling band, with a ferocious live reputation, and a catalogue of songs that continue to resonate in Australia's musical landscape. The 1998 line-up have reformed for a handful of shows in Australia and New Zealand. Trevor Reekie talks Hunters & Collectors vocalist and lyricist Mark Seymour about the career of one of Australia's most iconic bands.

    From Access All Areas on 15 Nov 2014

  • 75 Years of Blue Note Records with Don Was ( 14′ 49″ )

    Trevor Reekie talks with the recently appointed President of Blue Note Records, Don Was, about his vision for the label and maintaining its artistic integrity in the 21st Century musical landscape.

    From Access All Areas on 08 Nov 2014

  • Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band ( 12′ 10″ )

    How a youtube clip captioned "Mind-blowing Psychedelia from Thailand" piqued the interest of L.A. producer Josh Marcy, leading him to a remote Thai village to record Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band.

    From Access All Areas on 11 Oct 2014

  • Bernie Griffen - Salvation ( 16′ 03″ )

    Bernie Griffen and his new band The Thin Men have just released his sophomore LP Salvation, recorded in Auckland's The Lab recording studio, Trevor Reekie meets up with Griffen, his partner and musical collaborator Kirsten Warner, and long-time guitarist Steve Roach at The Lab to discuss Griffen's salvation.

    From Access All Areas on 04 Oct 2014

  • Moana and The Tribe in session 2014 ( 31′ 42″ )

    Among Aotearoa's foremost cultural ambassadors, Moana and The Tribe have just released their fifth studio album Rima, produced by band member Paddy Free (Pitch Black). Moana and members of the Tribe play some of the new songs live in Radio New Zealand's studio.

    From Access All Areas on 27 Sep 2014

  • OMC - The Story of How Bizarre ( 17′ 58″ )

    OMC's How Bizarre, co-written by the late Pauly Fuemana and producer Alan Jansson, topped the New Zealand charts, then repeated this success in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and Austria, as well as making the Top 10 in eight other countries. The story of OMC has been made into a documentary, directed by Stuart Page which gets its first screening on Māori TV on Monday (25 August). Trevor Reekie talks with Page, producer and co-songwriter Alan Jansson and Simon Grigg from huh! Records about OMC's global success.

    From Access All Areas on 23 Aug 2014

  • Farewell Tommy Ramone ( 16′ 11″ )

    Tommy Ramone, drummer, producer and last surviving founding member of The Ramones died on 11 July 2014 aged 65.

    Trevor Reekie talks to Monte A. Melnic, friend, tour manager and author of the best selling book On the Road with the Ramones. Also joining the conversation is kiwi musician Jean McAllister from the NZ band the Drongos who recorded with Tommy Ramone in New York in the late 70s.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 19 Jul 2014

  • Peter Dawkins - A Tribute ( 12′ 53″ )

    Trevor Reekie talks to vocalist Shane Hales and ex-pat musician and producer Richard James Burgess about the legacy and contribution to NZ music made by the late Kiwi-born producer Peter Dawkins.

    From Access All Areas on 12 Jul 2014

  • The Life and Death of Joe Meek ( 16′ 27″ )

    UK producer Joe Meek was a pop craftsman and a veritable wunderkind in the recording studio, forging a legacy as one of the most important record producers of all time in his short career. Trevor Reekie talks to Howard S. Berger about his music documentary A Life in the Death of Joe Meek, which explores the enigma and mystery that shrouded this musical genius and DIY pioneer.

    From Access All Areas on 28 Jun 2014

  • Access All Areas - John Fahey ( 16′ 38″ )

    American guitarist and eccentric visionary John Fahey may have always been an outsider, but he went on to release an iconic catalogue of more than 40 albums and created the template for 'American Primitive' guitar music. Trevor Reekie talks to American author Steve Lowenthal, author of a new book Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist, about Fahey's legacy.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 14 Jun 2014

  • Access All Areas: Bert Berns ( 16′ 50″ )

    Trevor Reekie talks with author and music journalist Joel Selvin about Bert Berns, the producer and songwriter whose catalogue includes 'Twist & Shout', 'Piece of My Heart', and 'Here Comes the Night'.

    From Access All Areas on 17 May 2014

  • Access All Areas: Dave McArtney - Gutter Black ( 17′ 31″ )

    Trevor Reekie talks to Hello Sailor's Graham Brazier and Harry Lyon about life with - and without - Dave McArtney, as well as McArtney's posthumous autobiography Gutter Black - A Memoir.

    From Access All Areas on 03 May 2014

  • Gregory Porter ( 12′ 55″ )

    Gregory Porter took home the 2014 Grammy for best jazz vocal album with his Liquid Spirit LP, recorded on Blue Note Records. Porter was encouraged to pursue singing by his mother, after an injury stymied a promising football career. He didn't record his first album until he was 39, but has had a strong musical career ever since. Trevor Reekie talks with Gregory Porter.

    From Access All Areas on 26 Apr 2014