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Seasoned industry insider Trevor Reekie dodges past security to get to the heart of industry trends and happenings, pinning down the people with the good oil on the current state of the music biz, and where it might be going, as well as occasional glances over the shoulder to see how we got here.

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  • Mike Bloomfield ( 16′ 30″ )

    Guitarist Michael Bloomfield was born in Chicago, a rich white Jewish kid who ended up jamming with some of the biggest blues players, as well as the likes of Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin. A new anthology called From His Head to His Heart to His Hands features Bloomfield's contributions to the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Electric Flag and the Super Session album. Trevor Reekie talks to one time Rolling Stone and Creem Magazine contributor John Morthland, about why Bloomfield is regarded as America's greatest 'forgotten' guitar hero.

    From Access All Areas on 19 Apr 2014

  • Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull ( 14′ 37″ )

    Ian Anderson, flute player and creative musical director for more than 40 years with his band Jethro Tull, is equal parts musician, composer, producer - and a very astute business man. Since they formed in 1967, Jethro Tull has sold more than 60 million albums. This April Anderson releases a new solo studio album called Homo Erraticus on his own Calliandra Records label. Trevor Reekie talks to Ian Anderson.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 12 Apr 2014

  • Raga for Peter Walker ( 15′ 31″ )

    Still performing at 75, American guitarist Peter Walker gained attention as part of the Greenwich Village scene, and went on to study with Ravi Shankar and worked with LSD pioneer Timothy Leary. Trevor Reekie talks to Peter Walker.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 29 Mar 2014

  • Respect Yourself - The Story Of Stax Records ( 24′ 28″ )

    Stax Records was a music studio and record label in Memphis, Tennessee that not only launched the careers of Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Sam and Dave and many more Southern soul stars, but also provided a soundtrack to tolerance and change in an era of segregation and racial tension. Trevor Reekie talks to author Robert Gordon about his new book, Respect Yourself: Stax Records and the Soul Explosion.

    From Access All Areas on 08 Mar 2014

  • Facing The Other Way - The Story of 4AD ( 24′ 8″ )

    Co-founded by Ivo Watts-Russell, English indie record label 4AD was funded by Beggars Banquet founder Martin Mills who recognised Russell's singular A&R vision. Between 1980 and 1999 Russell signed a roster of stylistic trailblazers to 4AD that included Bauhaus, Modern English, Birthday Party, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil Dead Can Dance, Throwing Muses, The Pixies, The Breeders and many more. Trevor Reekie talks to English author Martin Aston, who has published a defining history of the label called Facing the Other Way - The Story of 4AD.

    From Access All Areas on 01 Mar 2014

  • Access All Areas: The Mayor of MacDougal Street - Dave Van Ronk ( 18′ )

    The Coen Brothers new movie 'Inside Llewyn Davis' is loosely based on folk singer Dave Van Ronk, a central figure in the Greenwich Village folk music scene that developed in the early 60s. Van Ronk never had a hit single or album during five decades of music-making and had slipped into obscurity until his memoir,'The Mayor of MacDougal Street', co-authored by Elijah Wald, was published posthumously in 2005 and provided the catalyst for the new movie. Trevor Reekie talks to Elijah Wald about Dave Van Ronk.

    From Access All Areas on 15 Feb 2014

  • Longing For The Past ( 20′ 16″ )

    For the last two years David Murray, a North American musician, musical archivist graphic designer and record collector has been consumed by researching early recordings from Southeast Asia. The music, stories and ephemera he's collected in his research have just been released as box set called Longing for the Past: The 78 rpm Era in Southeast Asia. Trevor Reekie joins David Murray.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 11 Jan 2014

  • Adrian Belew ( 19′ 2″ )

    Adrian Belew got his first break with Frank Zappa in 1977, playing rhythm guitar and doing a Bob Dylan impersonation on Zappa's Sheik Yerbouti album. He's since collaborated with David Bowie, Paul Simon, Talking Heads, Herbie Hancock, Laurie Anderson, and spent nearly 30 years with King Crimson. Adrian Belew talked with Trevor Reekie for Summer Music 101.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Jan 2014

  • Rough Justice Returns ( 16′ 25″ )

    Legendary New Zealand soul band Rough Justice are reuniting for their first shows in 34 years. From 1977 to 1979, Rough Justice was one of the hardest-working bands in New Zealand, despite never releasing any commercial recordings. Fronted by Rick Bryant, they toured tirelessly in a former railways bus. They played their last show together in January 1980 at the Brown Trout Festival in Dannevirke. Rough Justice is getting back together for three summer performances. For Access All Areas Rick Bryant, Nick Bollinger and Tony Backhouse reminisce with Trevor Reekie about the musical travels and tribulations of Rough Justice.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 28 Dec 2013

  • Downloaded - Napster ( 15′ 11″ )

    Napster is arguably the company that started the digital music revolution. A new documentary Downloaded charts the rise and fall of this peer-to-peer music service, from its first strokes of code in 1998 to the much-publicised lawsuit brought against it by Metallica, Dr Dre and the RIAA. Trevor Reekie talks to the director of the film Alex Winter.

    From Access All Areas on 23 Nov 2013

  • Hallelujah Picassos 2013 ( 11′ 36″ )

    Peter McLennan and Harold (aka Roland), of the newly revived inner-city Auckland group Hallelujah Picassos talk with Trevor Reekie about all things Picasso.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 26 Oct 2013

  • Musical Chairs featuring Waves ( 24′ 20″ )

    Formed in the mid-seventies, Waves produced original articulate acoustic music that has endured. In fact their self titled debut album recorded in 1975 was a best selling album before going out of print and commanding good money as a collectors item. Waves called it a day in 1977. In early 2013 Waves re-released the long deleted debut, as well as a previously lost, incomplete second album, on vinyl and CD. For this episode the New Zealand profile series Musical Chairs Trevor Reekie is joined by Waves members Graeme Gash, David Marshall and Kevin Wildman who talk about the creative travels and travails of following their musical path.

    From Musical Chairs on 12 Oct 2013

  • The National Wake ( 24′ 48″ )

    Forming a multi-cultural punk-reggae band in apartheid-era South Africa was a brave move. Based in Johannesburg, National Wake were accepted in the underground and the township nightclub circuit. It was getting there and home that could be the problem. Trevor Reekie talks with The National Wake's founding member Ivan Kadey.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 28 Sep 2013

  • Access All Areas: Michael Chapman - What Have You Done? ( 17′ 37″ )

    Trevor Reekie catches up with Michael Chapman in his Northumberland home to talk about a musicial career as a fully qualified survivor.

    From Access All Areas on 31 Aug 2013

  • Gogol Bordello - Pura Vida Conspiracy ( 14′ 26″ )

    Over the course of 6 albums and constant touring, Gogol Bordello have established a global reputation for high octane performances and charismatic melodies. Trevor Reekie talks to Eugene Hutz, the group's vocalist and songwriter, about their new album Pura Vida Conspiracy, and what makes him tick, as a writer, man and musician.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 24 Aug 2013