Thursday 7 May 2015, with Simon Mercep

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3:10 pm Monday 11 May: Dead Wake

dead wake book coverThe sinking of the superliner, Lusitania in May 1915 is considered the "other Titanic" in the history of maritime tragedies. 

A German submarine fired a torpedo into the mighty ship off the coast of Ireland killing close to 1200 people and pushing an outraged United States closer to joining the First World War. 

Author Erik Larson tells the story of the sinking, and the cover up of the legendary disaster in his book, Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania.

Audio from Thursday 7 May 2015

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  • Your Song - Je T'aime ( 13:14 )

    13:10 Dom Blaazer from Auckland has chosen Je T'aime by Serge Gainsbourg.

  • Our New Zealand A to Z - Knitting ( 39:26 )

    13:20 It's knitting today! With: Teacher, designer, knitter and spinner Margaret Stove; Royal shawl knitter Cynthia Read; Prison volunteer Coralie Curtis, on knitting in Hawkes Bay Prison; Jenna Todd and her granny Sandy Todd.

  • The Ugly Shakespeare Company ( 12:57 )

    14:10 For 20 years the Ugly Shakespeare Company has toured theatre to schools the length and breadth of the country, introducing 800-thousand school kids to the Bard.

  • Could you travel the world on $10 a day? ( 10:06 )

    14:20 Croatian stockbroker-turned broke traveller, Tomislav Perko, has been doing just that for five years. He's hitchhiked across the Indian Ocean, traversed five continents, and now he's in New Zealand.

  • Feature Album - Judith by Judy Collins ( 14:17 )

    14:45 Our Feature Album is 'Judith' by American singer/songwriter Judy Collins. Her 12 LP came out in 1975 and is still her best selling album.

  • The Expats - Baden Campbell ( 12:19 )

    15:10 This week we speak to Baden Campbell who's on his way home from London. Instead of flying, he's taking the best part of two years to travel back by bike.

  • The Panel pre-show for 7 May 2015 ( 13:34 )

    15:45 Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel.

  • Exercise is the Best Medicine ( 13:40 )

    21:34 The exercise physiology clinic at the University of Auckland combines exercise for rehabilitation with teaching and research

1:10 Your Song

1:20 Our New Zealand A to Z: Knitting

2:10 Latest stories from around New Zealand and the World

Calling all knitters - share your triumphs and disasters. Email your pics to

Gallery: NZ A-Z: knitting

Margaret Stove
Left: The Rata shawl. Right: Bush Bouquet Christening coat (which was a precursor to the shawl designed and made for the birth of Prince William). Images courtesy of Margaret Stove.

2:30 NZ Reading

2:45 Feature album

3:10 The Expats

3:35 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show