Wednesday 9 December 2009, with Jim Mora

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3:10 pm Monday 25 August: Good Morning Mr Mandela

Zelda LaGrange and Nelson Mandela copyright Z LaGrangeAs a white Afrikaaner who grew up in a home that supported apartheid, Zelda LaGrange was an unlikely choice to be Nelson Mandela's personal assistant. But for nearly 20 years, she served one of the world's most beloved statesmen who melted away her own prejudices and transformed South Africa. Zelda LaGrange offers an inside view of the man and his place in history in her new book, Good Morning Mr Mandela. It also paints a sad portrait of Mandela's final years, marginalised by his predecessors in the President's office and exploited by family.

Audio from Wednesday 9 December 2009

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  • The best song ever written ( 5′ 38″ )

    13:15 Dorothy Fitzpatrick of Whangarei chooses 'Cats in the Cradle' by Harry Chapin.

  • Link 3 ( 10′ 55″ )

    13:20 Can you work out the common theme amongst today's tracks?

  • Eco-Class ( 9′ 49″ )

    14:10 This Friday, Hamilton's Hukanui Primary School will lift the lid on a groundbreaking 'green' first - the country's first eco-classroom to be designed and managed by its students.

  • The Investment Game ( 9′ 19″ )

    14:20 The news out of the UK is that Monopoly has beaten out Barbie, Lego and Go-Go Hamsters to be voted the best value toy of the year. Here, the New Zealand Investment Game has topped the lot of the Games Association's best new games to come out in 2009. Like Monopoly, the object of the game is simple - be the player to make the most money!

  • He Rourou for 9 December 2009 ( 5′ 14″ )

    14:45 The Maori cultural advisor for Te Papa says the recent return of koiwi tangata, or ancestral remains, was a major cause for celebration. Ana Tapiata talks with Hema Temara about their cultural significance.

  • Feature album ( 1′ 23″ )

    14:50 Today's album is 'Magnetic' from New Zealand 's Miriam Clancy. She was on New Zealand Live about 2 months ago, and her second album has had the sort of reviews from leading critics that are quite rare.

  • IT Spot ( 22′ 59″ )

    15:10 We are joined by techno commentator, Paul Reynolds, managing co-director and co-founder of one of our oldest web companies, McGovern Online.

  • Science story with Alison Ballance ( 12′ 20″ )

    15:47 Over the last few weeks Alison Ballance has been bringing us stories from the Leigh Marine Lab about noisy fish, and the loud dawn and dusk choruses that snapping shrimps and sea urchins make. We also heard how lobster larvae might use the sound to find their way back to shore from the middle of the ocean.

  • The Panel (part 1) ( 26′ 20″ )

    16:10 With Gordon McLauchlan and Alison Renfrew.

  • The Panel (part 2) ( 23′ 29″ )

    16:40 With Gordon McLauchlan and Alison Renfrew.