Wednesday 23 December 2009, with Jim Mora

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3:10 pm Monday 3 November: A Deadly Wandering

A Deadly Wandering book coverEight years ago, a 19-year-old University student did something that is against the law, but so many people do it anyway.

Reggie Shaw was texting and driving on a mountain pass in the America State of Utah when he swerved and hit another car, killing two people. He is now a campaigner, warning about the dangers of texting and driving.

New York Times journalist Matt Richtel tells the story of justice and forgiveness in his new book, A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention.

Audio from Wednesday 23 December 2009

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  • The best song ever written ( 7′ 1″ )

    13:10 Mary Ralph of Mangonui chooses 'Blackbird' by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

  • Link 3 ( 14′ 41″ )

    13:20 What's the link between today's songs?

  • Boat safety ( 7′ 1″ )

    14:10 Recreational Boat Safety experts are at a loss to explain a surge in the number of New Zealanders killed in boating-related incidents this year.

  • Flying Nun Records ( 8′ 19″ )

    14:20 Flying Nun Records, the label that launched the Dunedin Sound to the world, has been re-aquired by its founder, Roger Shepherd.

  • He Rourou for 23 December 2009 ( 5′ 16″ )

    14:45 Nestled in an outer suburb of Lower Hutt is a small Maori presbyterian parish called Te Kakano o te Aroha, or the 'Seed of Love'. Ana Tapiata talks with the parish Minister, Hariata Haumate, who'll be using the Christmas period to plan for 2010.

  • Feature album ( 8′ 40″ )

    14:50 Today's album is 'Across the Universe' movie soundtrack.

  • IT Spot ( 25′ 56″ )

    15:10 With techno-commentator Paul Reynolds.

  • Auckland story ( 10′ 25″ )

    15:30 Sapna Samant takes a mini-tour of the land along the Orakei Marae with Ngarimu Blair and Te Hira Hawke of Ngati Whatua. They look at Ko Te Pukaki, a project through which the tangata whenu are planting native trees. They also have vegetable gardens that feed the locals, as well as supplying the kitchens of the Auckland City Mission.

  • Science story ( 12′ 42″ )

    15:47 If you live around Auckland, and plan on spending time at the beach this summer, there's something in the water you need to know about.

  • The Panel (part 1) ( 29′ 39″ )

    16:10 With David Farrar and Gary McCormack.

  • The Panel (part 2) ( 20′ 37″ )

    16:40 With David Farrar and Gary McCormack.