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Wednesday 23 December 2009, with Jim Mora

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3:10 pm Monday 10 August: Nagasaki Survivors

Nagasaki book coverAt 11:02am on August 9th 1945 a US B-29 bomber dropped a plutonium bomb on Nagasaki, killing about 74 thousand people. It was the second time in history that a nuclear bomb had been used, so the story of Nagasaki is often overlooked.

Journalist and author Susan Southard tells the story of five survivors, who were teenagers when the bomb named Fat Man was detonated on their city. They suffered not only horrifying injuries, but shame and bullying. The book is called Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War.

The best song ever written

1:10 PM. Mary Ralph of Mangonui chooses 'Blackbird' by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Link 3

1:20 PM. What's the link between today's songs?

Boat safety

2:10 PM. Recreational Boat Safety experts are at a loss to explain a surge in the number of New Zealanders killed in boating-related incidents this year.

Flying Nun Records

2:20 PM. Flying Nun Records, the label that launched the Dunedin Sound to the world, has been re-aquired by its founder, Roger Shepherd.

He Rourou for 23 December 2009

2:45 PM. Nestled in an outer suburb of Lower Hutt is a small Maori presbyterian parish called Te Kakano o te Aroha, or the 'Seed of Love'. Ana Tapiata talks with the parish Minister, Hariata Haumate, who'll be using the Christmas period to plan for 2010.

Feature album

2:50 PM. Today's album is 'Across the Universe' movie soundtrack.

IT Spot

3:10 PM. With techno-commentator Paul Reynolds.

Auckland story

3:30 PM. Sapna Samant takes a mini-tour of the land along the Orakei Marae with Ngarimu Blair and Te Hira Hawke of Ngati Whatua. They look at Ko Te Pukaki, a project through which the tangata whenu are planting native trees. They also have vegetable gardens that feed the locals, as well as supplying the kitchens of the Auckland City Mission.

Science story

3:47 PM. If you live around Auckland, and plan on spending time at the beach this summer, there's something in the water you need to know about.

The Panel (part 1)

4:10 PM. With David Farrar and Gary McCormack.

The Panel (part 2)

4:40 PM. With David Farrar and Gary McCormack.