Monday 16 May 2011, with Jim Mora

Audio from Monday 16 May 2011

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  • Best Song Ever Written - Little Wing ( 8′ 34″ )

    13:09 Bill Jackson from Wellington has chosen 'Little Wing' performed by Carlos Santana with Joe Cocker.

  • Eight Months to Mars - John Rowles ( 25′ 27″ )

    13:24 He first found fame in Australia where he was known as Ja Ar, but later reverted to his birth name. Next month he's to make one last, farewell tour of the country. But before that we're flying him to Mars and back.

  • NZ MasterChef finalist - Jax Hamilton ( 9′ 56″ )

    14:10 Don't ever ask Jax Hamilton to make a Macaroon Flower Frenzy. The French confectionery was her undoing in the season finale of MasterChef last night. Her macaroon and butter icing tower came tumbling down along with her dreams of becoming New Zealand's next MasterChef. Instead Nadia Lim won the title and a deal to write her own cookbook. After 18 challenges and 56 hours of cooking, it all came down to the tower of meringue-like cookies. Jax, an executive assistant from Christchurch, was a front-runner winning several challenges during the 13 episodes of the competition.

  • Butterfly tagging ( 8′ 8″ )

    14:21 You don't have to be a master entomologist to take part in an important study about monarch butterflies. Citizen scientists are needed to help tag monarch butterflies in New Zealand.

  • Author Slot - Mitchell Zuckoff ( 22′ 7″ )

    15:10 Mitchell Zuckoff, professor of journalism at Boston University and author of Lost in Shangri-la A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II.

  • Our Changing World - Virus Hunters ( 10′ 52″ )

    15:34 Richard Hall and Matthew Peacey are virus hunters, they're using new methods to discover emerging diseases in humans and animals. To see what's involved in detecting novel pathogens, Ruth Beran visits them at ESR's Clinical Virology Lab in Upper Hutt.

  • The Panel Pre-Show for 16 May 2011 ( 14′ 5″ )

    15:47 Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel.

  • The Panel with Jane Clifton and Jeremy Elwood (part 1) ( 23′ 35″ )

    16:07 Topics - More work needs to be done to challenge New Zealand's drinking culture. Figures released by the transport agency show people are registering their vehicles as ambulances to save money on registration fees.

  • The Panel with Jane Clifton and Jeremy Elwood (part 2) ( 25′ 25″ )

    16:34 Topics - We can now confirm the total amount spent on Mark Hotchins' mega-mansion in Auckland's Paratai Drive. Fiji has accused Tonga of breaching its sovereignty by assisting a senior military commander charged with sedition to flee the country. After 40 years of catering to younger consumers, advertisers and media executives are coming to a different realisation: older people aren't so bad, after all.

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

1:15 8 Months To Mars - what would well-known people do on an trip to Mars?

2:10 Feature Stories

2:30 Reading

2:45 Feature Album

3:12 Author slot

3:35 Science Story

4:06 The Panel