Tuesday 1 May 2012, with Jim Mora

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3:10 pm Monday 24 November: Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms

Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms book coverDeep in some of the most remote areas of the Middle East, religious traditions that date back to ancient Babylon and Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs are still be practiced in secret and in fear. These mysterious, minority religions hold fascinating beliefs: Greek prophets are incarnations of God, Lucifer is revered in the form of a peacock.

Gerald Russell is a former British and UN diplomat who spent more than a decade in the region and lived among some of these groups. He's written about their histories, rituals and the threat to their survival with the rise of ISIS in his new book, Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys Into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East.



Audio from Tuesday 1 May 2012

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  • Best Song Ever Written - Man of Colours ( 9′ 21″ )

    13:09 Grant Hamilton from the Far North has chosen 'Man of Colours' by Australian band Icehouse.

  • TV Review with Phil Wallington ( 15′ 4″ )

    13:22 A new television channel on Freeview called Choice, documentaries on the box, the Edge Festival, and Tainui Stephens' program 'Requiem for Charlie'.

  • Book Review with Graham Beatie ( 6′ 54″ )

    13:38 'Beastly Things' by Donna Leon and 'The Forrests' by Emily Perkins.

  • Music Review with Nick Atkinson ( 4′ 52″ )

    13:46 The songs 'Montauk' and 'Jericho' by Rufus Wainwright.

  • Web Review with Ben Gracewood ( 5′ 11″ )

    13:54 A UK court rules that some ISPs must block the Pirate Bay website and the 'Descriptive Camera' that prints what it sees.

  • Plastic Pollution ( 11′ 31″ )

    14:10 Oceanographer, Giora Proskurowski, says wind drives large amounts of rubbish deeper into the sea and believes this isn't being picked up by researchers who only take samples from the ocean's surface. A New Zealand-based oceanographer, Jose Borrero, says this isn't the only reason we may be underestimating the damage that plastic in our oceans is causing.

  • Duck shooting season ( 8′ 33″ )

    14:22 Throughout the country, maimais are being built and shotguns and duck-callers are being dusted off, as about 50,000 duck-hunters prepare for the opening of the season on Saturday.

  • Tune Your Engine - The Art of Conversation - Louise Howland ( 22′ 37″ )

    15:10 At any time of the day or night, technology allows us to connect with people all over the world. But whatever happened to a good old fashioned face to face chat? Some experts believe relentless connection isn't making us better communicators at all, that we've lost the art of conversation. Louise Howland wants to restore real conversations to our technology saturated lives.

  • Asian Report for 1 May 2012 - Dr Swee Tan (Part 2) ( 11′ 10″ )

    15:33 Lynda Chanwai-Earle gets a close up look at the miracles of plastic surgery with reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr Swee Tan.

  • The Panel Pre-Show for 1 May 2012 ( 15′ 33″ )

    15:45 Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel.

  • The Panel with Graham Bell and Vicki Hyde (Part 1) ( 23′ 14″ )

    16:07 Topics - pressure continues on Prime Minister John Key to stand down the ACT leader, John Banks, from his ministerial roles while police investigate donations to his campaign. There's been a big improvement in Labour's poll popularity.

  • The Panel with Graham Bell and Vicki Hyde (Part 2) ( 26′ 52″ )

    16:33 Topics - Complaints about a Napier church billboard that claimed 'Jesus heals cancer' have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority. Car makers say the tastes of Chinese consumers are having a growing influence on vehicle design the world over. Did you know it's still legal to sell candy-stick and bubblegum cigarettes?

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