About Afternoons

Afternoons with Jim Mora on Radio New Zealand National is a programme that moves from a magazine into a current affairs format over the course of four hours.

2011 Survey results

Afternoons with Jim Mora has consolidated its position as the most listened to afternoons talk radio programme in the country - with The Panel even more dominant.

The latest Radio New Zealand audience research figures show that Afternoons with Jim Mora has widened the gap on other talk stations over the past 3 years with the latest 15+ cume audience growing 11% to 231,000, which is 30,000 ahead of the second ranked station.

For the 4-5pm Panel segment, the gap is even wider with The Panel's nationwide audience of 153,000 being 39,000 ahead of second place.

The third ranked talk station is considerably further back on a cume of 93,000 for the whole of the afternoon and only 49,000 for the 4-5 hour.

And Afternoons with Jim Mora has a healthy edge among the talk stations when it comes to station share - with a share of 6.8% for the full 1-5pm period.  The Panel does even better with 9.1%, compared with the number 2 ranked talk station on 7.2% and the third way back on 2.5%..

Full details of Radio New Zealand's latest audience survey can be found on our audience research page.

Source: All NZ Radio Surveys, 2008-2011 (September-September years), Nielsen Media, All people 15+ years, nationwide.

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About Afternoons

Each day we begin with The Best Song Ever Written, chosen by our listeners for reasons of their own – it reminds them of someone, of their youth, of a decisive time in their lives. Perhaps they think it really IS the Best Song Ever Written. We don’t mind why they choose it, and the how is easy – anytime by email (afternoons@radionz.co.nz) or text (2101).

For the rest of the 1-2pm hour our features are long: On Mondays guest voyagers travel across space with us on 8 Months To Mars. It’s a leisurely trip with time to get to know them, and hear their favourite music. On Tuesdays it’s Critical Mass, with expert eyes across media – the internet, television, books and new music. We run Link3 our music game on a Wednesday – the audience has to guess the link between three songs, and whatever that link is we expand it to fill out the hour with themed music. On Thursdays we range up and down New Zealand, visiting our smaller settlements on Your Place. Fridays are when we invite our best musicians into the studio to play for us on NZ Live.

During the 2-4 hours we have topical light current affairs at 2, followed by a selected NZ Reading by a local author. There’s a feature album, a short report in Maori, and specialist contributions on the Arts, Science, the Environment, IT etc.

After 4pm our audience grows with New Zealanders homeward bound, and we call upon a big variety of panellists and expert phone guests to discuss current affairs. It’s The Panel – the news of the day in a different way.

And always there are the audience’s contributions and interactivity – NZ’s best emails and texts, and our followers on Twitter and Facebook.