8 Aug 2014

NZ Society - No Slave to Fashion

From Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm, 2:20 pm on 8 August 2014

1. In a world of fast turn-around, throwaway fashion there are still those in the industry set on making a difference-Kowtow Clothing in New Zealand is one them. We take a look at the seeds of the label run by Polish-born Gosia Piatek (Gosh-ah Pee-on-tik) next on Afternoons. 2. Gosia Piatek came to New Zealand as a 7-year old refugee, but she always had big dreams and fashion was one of them. She runs her 'ethical' clothing label Kowtow from Wellington, and the label is stocked from New Zealand to North America, with Scandinavia being one of the brands biggest markets. We find out more about the brand that only uses 100 % Fair trade organic cotton. That's next on Afternoons.