7 Mar 2017

Bias Behind 80 per cent of Gender Pay Gap

From Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm, 1:15 pm on 7 March 2017
Gender pay gap

Reasons behind the gender pay gap have been revealed, and show bias accounts for 80 per cent of the difference between men and women.

The research shows education, occupation or industry, only accounts for twenty per cent of pay inequality. The Minister for Women, Paula Bennett, has just released the research, and says she's disappointment with the findings. The report is called Empirical evidence of the gender pay gap in New Zealand.

It's the first comprehensive study of the reasons the gap exists, since 2003. It's joint research by The Ministry For Women and AUT.

Professor Gail Pacheco authored the research, and she is a professor in Economics at AUT, the director of the New Zealand Work Research Institute.