17 Sep 2010

Leonard Nimoy

From Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm, 2:10 pm on 17 September 2010

Leonard Nimoy in 2011 Photo: CC BY 3.0 Gage Skidmore
Leonard Nimoy in 2011 Photo: CC BY 3.0 Gage Skidmore.

Leonard Nimoy spent nearly 40 years acting as science officer Spock on the Starship Enterprise. When he wasn't on set urging all to "live long and prosper", Nimoy was working at his other craft - photography.

He got the idea for the first solo show of his photography at a major museum from a passage in Plato's Symposium. It speculates that humans were originally double-sided creatures, split apart by jealous gods and doomed forever to seek their lost other halves.

Secret Selves, is an exhibition of 26 color photographs, 11 of them life size, at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Leonard Nimoy talks to Noelle McCarthy.

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