3 Dec 2013

The Panel with Andrew Clay, and Susan Hornsby-Geluk (Part 2)

From Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm, 4:35 pm on 3 December 2013

Topics - It is marketed as a naturally healthy food but many teas also contain enough lead to be dangerous for pregnant and nursing women, according to a new Canadian study. Researchers from the University of Alberta are recommending tea consumption should be "severely limited" for expectant mothers, while authorities should also consider public-health warnings and even industry regulation. In Australia, hearing loss is a big public health issue, affecting one in six people and costing taxpayers over A$12 billion annually for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. The problem is not just limited to children and teenagers either; adults listen to loud music too. According to the World Health Organization hearing loss is already one of the leading causes of disability in adults globally, and noise-induced hearing loss is its second-largest cause. Yahoo Xtra customers have again been hit by a series of spam attacks, leading Telecom to fight back in an effort to contain the problem.