Are Angels OK

First broadcast January 2006

Part 1- Everything We Know

1:06 PM.If science indicates that wars and murders are a natural phenomenon does this mean we should accept them as a part of our world? In Everything We Know, writer and comedian Jo Randerson looks at the lessons we can learn on the intersections of science, religion and art.

Part 2 - The Poetry of Physics, Hunting the Metaphor

1:06 PM.Physics was the beautiful girl in the class and Glenn Colquhoun was the boy who she refused to dance with. But he knew she would be hers one day. Today is that day. In Hunting the Metaphor Glenn Colquhoun remembers his own daunting dalliances with physics and performs a series of poems crafted around the equations that describe our universe.

Part 3 - The Catalogue of the Universe

1:06 PM.The universe is not symmetrical and nor is common sense necessarily sensical - in Catalogue of the Universe, New Zealand's most loved children's author Margaret Mahy catalogues her own fascination with science and knowledge and investigates the illogic of fact, the boundaries of fact and fiction and of research and imagination.

Part 4 - Two Worlds

1:06 PM.Janet Frame once wondered why 'Heat, light and sound can't be the domain of writers and artists'. In this panel discussion artists and physicists discuss how and when they can and can't, and how art feeds science and science feeds art.