Arts on Sunday

Sunday 6 December 2009, with Lynn Freeman

Standing Room Only has taken over from Arts On Sunday – it has the same team of presenter Lynn Freeman, producer Simon Morris and journalists Justin Gregory and Sonia Sly.

Listener favourites At The Movies and The Laugh Track aren’t going anywhere either. There will though be some new ideas, a broader range of stores and more music, as selected by Simon (of Matinee Idle fame).

Not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.

Jenny Harper - Christchurch Art Gallery funding

12:40 PM.After being starved of money to buy new art works, the Christchurch Art Gallery has had a pre - christmas present from the city's council.

Arts for All

12:50 PM.Galleries, theatres and concert halls are always on the lookout for new audiences. It's strange then don't you think, that so many have ignored and even made things difficult for, audiences and visitors with disabilities.

Morris, A Life with Bells

1:15 PM.Director Chaz Oldham talks to Lynn about his mockumentary.

Nina Simon - museum design

1:30 PM.American museum designer Nina Simon explains her mantra of 'Not too flash, and telling stories people want to come and hear'.

The Wellington Most Famous Orchestra of Miraculous Delights

1:35 PM.Turning images, from chewing gum residue on a footpath, to birds sitting on telephone wires, is the particular gift of the Wellington Most Famous Orchestra of Miraculous Delights.

Architecture - Part 1

1:45 PM.We're not a country known for ground breaking design, however we are improving, and getting a little bolder.

Breathing - Jane Boston

2:30 PM.Senior Voice Practitioner at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Jane Boston, has for more than 25 years, studied, taught and written about breathing.

Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship - 40th Anniversary

2:40 PM.Jenny Patrick and Jenny Bornholdt talk to Lynn about the anniversary and thier own time spent in Menton.


2:50 PM.An exhibition in Napier celebrates the innovative designs over the decades right through to today, and the plyability of ply.

12:40 Christchurch Art Gallery

The Christchurch Art Gallery, which has the least valuable art collection of all the main centres, gets a significant boost from the city council.

12:50 Arts For All: Ngā toi mo te katoa

Finally, a plan to make the arts more accessible to people with disabilities.

Download a pdf of Arts for All

Arts for All

1:00 Chaz Oldham

In lieu of At the Movies, we talk to the man behind a documentary of the much maligned and misunderstood art of Morris Dancing: Morris - With Bells On.

Nina Simon1:30 Museum 2.0

Nina Simon (right) is a designer with big ideas for our museums to make them more popular by making them more relevant.

1:40 2009 SOUNZ Community Commission

Composer Rosie Langabeer has been awarded a 2009 SOUNZ Community Commission - the 10th birthday of this project - to create music with The Wellington Most Famous Orchestra of Miraculous Delights.

The Wellington Most Famous Orchestra of Miraculous Delights

Zirkus Bizurkus

1:50 Lucy begins a three part look at architecture around the country, hunting out well designed public spaces

Nikau palms and granite stools

Nikau palms and granite stools in Auckland's CBD

2:00 The Laugh Track

Playwright, actor, short story writer and occasional poet David Geary, ahead of his New Zealand International Arts Festival play premiere, talks about the genius of Mark Twain.

2:20 Catch your breath with vocal and breathing tutor, Jane Boston (below), who's coaching New Zealand drama students

Jane Boston

2:30 Chapter and Verse

The 40th anniversary of the Katherine Mansfield Fellowship in Menton in the South of France….we talk to the just returned 40th fellow, Jenny Pattrick, and the 2002 fellow, poet Jenny Bornholdt.

2:50 Plyability

An exploration of furniture design using the not so humble plywood, ahead of an exhibition Plyability in Hawkes Bay.


Garth Chester's Curvesse Chair (1944), Duncan Sargent's coffee drawer (1999) and Tim Wigmore's hang up (2006)

3:00 The Sunday Drama

Four men try to make their way in the world after their release from prison in Ghana. They explore their many options, only to choose the one that might have surprised them all. That's The Prison Graduates.