At The Movies

Thursday 30 June 2016, with Simon Morris


Simon Morris has his doubts about Hollywood’s current policy of “more of the same – just bigger”.   He looks at three new digitally-rendered movies – Warcraft, based on the hit computer game, the new Independence Day, and Finding Dory, the sequel to the Pixar hit Finding Nemo.  And he finally gets a few surprises from an award-winning German film, Labyrinth of lies, about the belated aftermath of the horrors of Auschwitz.

At The Movies for 30 June 2016

7:30 PM.On At The Movies, Simon Morris looks at hugely successful family movie Finding Dory, and just plain huge Warcraft and Independence Day 2. And a smaller German film packs its own wallop - Labyrinth Of Lies looks at the conspiracy to keep Auschwitz quiet in the Nineteen Fifties.


7:31 PM.The online phenomenon, computer-game World of Warcraft is the latest to be turned into a movie. Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon).

Finding Dory

7:32 PM.The sequel to 2003's Finding Nemo, this Pixar smash hit features, once again, Ellen DeGeneres as the forgetful reef fish.

Labyrinth Of Lies

7:33 PM.In 1958, Auschwitz remained a secret to many young Germans. This film tells how the secret was let out.

Featured this week – Warcraft, based on the wildly popular computer game, directed by Duncan Jones.

Finding Dory is the even more successful sequel to the 2003 animated classic Finding Nemo.

And Labyrinth of lies tells the story of a naïve young German prosecutor trying to convict the guards of Auschwitz.