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Auckland Story for 11 December 2013 - Manukau Harbour Cleanup

3:31 PM.How can a tiny microchip help clean up the Manukau Harbour all with the flush of a toilet?

Auckland Story for 4 December 2013 - Pepi-Pods

3:32 PM.Specially designed sleeping boxes originally made to keep babies safe during the Christchurch earthquakes are now being used for vulnerable infants in South Auckland. The little beds are called "Pepi-Pods" and they're being given to families with babies that might be susceptible to cot death.

Auckland Story for 27 November 2013 - Maori Weaponary 30th

3:29 PM.Experts in the use of Maori weapons gather in Hawkes Bay this week. They're celebrating the 30th anniversary of the revival in traditional weapon training.

Auckland Story for 20 November 2013 - Otara Neighbourhood Watch

3:29 PM.The people of Otara are doing it for themselves. It's the South Auckland suburb's new-look neighbourhood support scheme and the locals say it's a better place to live in.

Auckland Story for 13 November 2013 - Wheel Black Maia Amai

3:33 PM.A young disabled Auckland woman, badly burned as a child, is off to South Africa this week to play for the New Zealand Wheel Blacks rugby team. She's the third woman ever to be selected for the team.

Auckland Story for 6 November 2013 - Warkworth 160

3:33 PM.The small North Auckland town of Warkworth this week celebrates its founding 160-years ago. Descendants of the first settlers are in for a particular treat… a special trip on the historic scow, The Jane Gifford, up the Mahurangi River to the town.

Auckland Story for 30 October 2013 - New Transit Town

3:31 PM.From dairy farm to transition town - how one Auckland school is helping solve the region's housing shortage.

Auckland Story for 23 October 2013 - Tree value

3:34 PM.As Auckland speeds up intensive housing development, a warning comes from the Tree Council that if Aucklanders fail to recognise the value of trees, they potentially do so at a cost to their own health.

Auckland Story for 16 October 2013 - Waikaraka Cemetery

3:30 PM.Tales from an Auckland cemetery: tours of some of the city's oldest burial grounds have proved a big hit during Auckland's heritage festival.

Auckland Story for 9 October 2013 - Waterview Project

3:31 PM.Lisa Thompson takes a tour of the most modern pre-cast concrete manufacturing facility in Australasia, which is producing over 24,000 concrete segments to line the motorway tunnels for Auckland's Waterview Connection project.

Auckland Story for 2 October 2013 - Ageing

3:08 PM.Everything you've wanted to know about ageing but have been afraid to ask. They're called "Pathways to Positive Ageing".

Auckland Story for 25 September 2013 - Wood's Grocery Survives

3:28 PM.He's been called a "heritage hero", but it seems he's rather a reluctant one. Dinesh Mistry has spent hundreds of thousands restoring his 100-year old shop building in Mount Eden which he could easily have demolished.

Auckland Story for 18 September 2013 - Habitat Growth

3:30 PM.South Auckland families desperately in need of decent housing should benefit from Habitat for Humanity plans to speed up its house building there.

Auckland Story for 11 September 2013

3:30 PM.Fifty young Aucklanders have this week been awarded their gold medals for the Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award, the award's 50th year in New Zealand.

Auckland Story for 4 September 2013 - James Cook's Secrets

3:30 PM.It's all about James Cook but not as we knew him: the first novel about Captain Cook's voyages of discovery to the Pacific. So it's fiction, based on fact.

Auckland Story for 28 August 2013 - New Trains

3:30 PM.The first of Auckland's new electric train stock has arrived from Spain - Lisa Thompson takes a turn in the driver's seat.

Auckland Story for 21 August 2013 - Mazuran Vineyard's 75th

3:29 PM.The small West Auckland vineyard Mazuran's has marked its 75th anniversary by winning 'Best of Nation' and 'Best in Show' awards at this year's San Francisco International Wine Competition.

Auckland Story for 14 August 2013 - Pai Rodent Dog

3:32 PM.Several small dogs are helping keep the islands of the Hauraki Gulf pest free. David Steemson meets "Pai", the rodent dog on duty aboard a waka.

Auckland Story for 7 August 2013 - Teddy Bear Hospital

3:27 PM.Even for the bravest of people, visiting the doctor can be a uneasy experience, and for young children it can be positively daunting. A group of Auckland medical students are working to demystify their world through a series of teddy bear hospitals. Lisa Thompson pays a visit to a clinic to see how the mending of broken paws is not only beneficial for the bears' young owners but for the medical students treating them.

Auckland Story for 31 July 2013 - Ebook takeover?

3:29 PM.Ebooks make up a tiny part of the book stock in Auckland's libraries. But the number of people borrowing them is increasing in leaps and bounds.

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