13 Nov 2015

Best of the Week - 13 November 2015

From Best Of The Week, 12:00 pm on 13 November 2015

Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 13 October. This week...Insight explores the real issues in West Papua; Radio New Zealand changes its name to RNZ which has puzzled listeners; busting myths around treatments for osteoporosis and the award winning scientists who changed its clinical management; Kiwi caddie Steve Williams and his relationship with Tiger Woods; the artistry and mental fortitude to high-wire walk New York's Twins Towers 40 years ago; the power of Hedda Hopper's Hollywood gossip; using clydesdales to work Erewhon Station; what influenced activist, turned MP Sue Bradford; exploring bioidenticals for menopause and The Dead Daisies on performing in Cuba.