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The latest from the Selwyn District

5:56 PM.Selwyn District Civil Defence Controller Ben Dingle

The Red Cross send teams to Canterbury

5:55 PM.The Red Cross has emergency teams working in Christchurch City and across Canterbury.

Kaiapoi Resident Collen McDonald

5:51 PM.Collen McDonald says water pipes have burst in the main part of Kaiapo and there are cracks in the roads.

Jessica Maddock in Central Christchurch

5:49 PM.We return now to our reporter Jessica Maddock.

The latest from Civil Defence: live from a media briefing

5:43 PM.Civil Defence authorities are gave a briefing to the media and we bring you that audio - courtesy of One News.

How the welfare centres are coping

5:40 PM.Chris Haines is the regional operations manager for St John.

What's happening at the National Civil Defence headquarters

5:39 PM.Our reporter Eric Frykberg is at National Civil Defence headquarters in Wellington.

How Kaiapoi and the central CBD are coping

5:31 PM.Kaiapoi, 17 kilometres north of Christchurch, has been severely damaged.

Canterbury's power situation

5:28 PM.About 80 percent of Christchurch city now has power back on.

What the police have to say

5:26 PM.Canterbury Police will be supported by 80 Auckland Officers flying in this.

We hear from Civil Defence

5:22 PM.Our reporter Jessica Maddock has been driving around the city with civil defence authorities and joins us now.

Nine dead after a plane crash at Fox Glacier

5:20 PM.Nine people have been killed in a plane crash at Fox Glacier airport.

The latest on the 7.1 earthquake in Canterbury

5:10 PM.Thousands of people are being evacuated from the Christchurch city centre with Civil Defence officials saying its simply too dangerous for residents to stay there.