14 Dec 2012

Te Manu Korihi News for 14 December 2012

From Checkpoint, 6:48 pm on 14 December 2012

The co-vice president of the Maori Party, Ken Mair, says party co-leader, Tariana Turia will leave behind a number of legacies, but the main one will be her Whanau Ora policy; Tuhoe says settling its Treaty claim with the Crown won't lead to walls being built around Te Urewera; Tukoroirangi Morgan expects competition when he bids to become chair of the Waikato-Tainui parliament - Te Kauhanganui; A Whanganui trust Tupoho Whanau signed a deed with the local council today, which paves the way for a new resource recovery centre to be built on the site of the city's old prison.