Country Life

Friday 21 May 2010, with Dempsey Woodley, Carol Stiles, Susan Murray & Cosmo Kentish-Barnes

Intro and Regional Wrap

9:05 PM.Most places have had a good dose of rain this week, and temperatures are even conducive to pasture growth in many areas.

Sheep Heaven - 5. Yard Opening

9:12 PM.Dignitories gather at the property where Kim, Kathryn, Carol, Carla, Eva, Susan, Maggie, Nicola, Mary and Lynn live, to formally open the yards and talk about the science of sheep pregnancy.

One size doesn't fit all

9:18 PM.Gary George along with wife Karen, runs the White Horse Hotel in the Central Otago settlement of Becks. Along with keeping duckshooters and rail trailers happy, they've built up quite a collection of scales - everything from the classic Plunket baby weigher to the Daytona meat machine.

Dalai Llama's

9:27 PM.Anne Thompson runs The Watford Grange Llama Park near Templeton in Canterbury, which is home to a herd of over one hundred Llama and is open to the public who are encouraged to mingle with these inquisitive Camilids.

Sandra Laurie and Anne Thompson with American Gigolo at the Watford Grange Llama Park near Christchurch.

Watford Grange Llama Park