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Saturday 7 January 2012, with Carol Stiles, Susan Murray, Cosmo Kentish-Barnes & Duncan Smith

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9:06 pm Friday 25 April: Country Life

21:05 Intro and Guest

Rob and Karen Newman won Federated Farmers Gisborne Wairoa Farmer of the Year title this month. Their farm earnings are over double the district average, and well above even the top ten percent of farmers. Intensive bull farming, applying generous amounts of fertiliser and setting goals help improve farm returns.

21:11 Regional Wrap

Apart from the poor West Coast of Northland, the North Island's received good soaking rains in the past week or more, while in the South Island West Coast farmers are cleaning up debris after last week's storm.

21:18 Ben James Young Hawkes Bay Apple Orchardist

Ben James started his working life in the military, he then went building houses but now as a 29 year old, has a clutch of grower competition titles to his name and he loves the apple industry which is challenging, ever changing and he says has a bright future. He's on an orchard growing the small, super sweet apple, Rockit. It's exported in a tennis ball sized tube which goes down well in Taiwan. 

21:31 Truffles with Rosie

Gareth Renowden grows three different species of culinary truffles on his Waipara Valley farm in North Canterbury. The truffles are sold to restaurants around New Zealand and his next goal is to start exporting them, but he couldn't do it without Rosie his champion truffle hound.

Audio from Saturday 7 January 2012

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  • Vitally Valuable Vet ( 16′ 4″ )

    21:13 Theresa Hoyle set up a veterinary practice in the small rural town of Wairoa four years ago. She now employs a second vet and two trained vet nurses. She helps the SPCA fundraise to pay for medical treatment for the animals, does house calls for the elderly and poor, and runs first aid classes for working dogs.

  • Avocado Picking ( 19′ 46″ )

    21:18 Avocados for the domestic and overseas markets are coming off trees thick and fast. It will be the biggest crop ever picked in New Zealand and Country Life joins those on the hydra ladders picking the fruit, following it through to the packhouse.

  • Murray Heays ( 20′ 3″ )

    21:32 80-year-old Murray Heays is one Hawke's Bay's first deer farmers. Throughout the 1970s he captured wild deer on his steep, gorge carved, property west of Tutira. After gradually fencing them in and getting them calm, he began harvesting velvet, travelling to South Korea on several occasions to sell the product. He returned one time with a suitcase stuffed full of US dollars.