Country Life

Saturday 7 January 2012, with Carol Stiles, Susan Murray, Cosmo Kentish-Barnes & Duncan Smith

Vitally Valuable Vet

9:13 PM.Theresa Hoyle set up a veterinary practice in the small rural town of Wairoa four years ago. She now employs a second vet and two trained vet nurses. She helps the SPCA fundraise to pay for medical treatment for the animals, does house calls for the elderly and poor, and runs first aid classes for working dogs.

Avocado Picking

9:18 PM.Avocados for the domestic and overseas markets are coming off trees thick and fast. It will be the biggest crop ever picked in New Zealand and Country Life joins those on the hydra ladders picking the fruit, following it through to the packhouse.

Murray Heays

9:32 PM.Eighty-year-old Murray Heays is one Hawke's Bay's first deer farmers. Throughout the 1970s he captured wild deer on his steep, gorge carved, property west of Tutira. After gradually fencing them in and getting them calm, he began harvesting velvet, travelling to South Korea on several occasions to sell the product. He returned one time with a suitcase stuffed full of US dollars.