Country Life

Saturday 21 January 2012, with Carol Stiles, Susan Murray, Cosmo Kentish-Barnes & Duncan Smith

Figs in Hawkes Bay

9:18 PM.Helen Walker and Murray Douglas are fig enthusiasts and grow them on their horticultural block near Havelock North in Hawkes Bay.

Udderly Robotic

9:27 PM.Cosmo Kentish-Barnes visits New Zealand's first commercial robotic dairy farm near Ashburton where cows milk themselves when they want to.

Laurie the Luthier

9:10 PM.Luthier Laurie Williams lives in the Far North. To reach him requires a rugged drive on gravel roads but the beauty of the instruments he crafts from native wood is sublime. He selects the trees and controls the process from the rough sawn timber to the final product. On the international market his guitars can fetch upwards of ten thousand US dollars.