Country Life

Friday 27 January 2012, with Carol Stiles, Susan Murray, Cosmo Kentish-Barnes & Duncan Smith

Gidday and Guest

9:05 PM.David Rose is a farmer from Southland - which has been on the brink of a drought. He says the summer dry has put crops back by a few months.

Regional Wrap

9:09 PM.The North Island is flush with feed but many pastoral farmers are now struggling to maintain its quality. Store stock are fetching extremely good prices. In the South Island Canterbury's had marvellous weather for farming while Southland's dairy farmers are struggling with very dry condition.

Prinz's Mushrooms

9:17 PM.Twenty-five year old Lennart Prinz grows oyster mushrooms in a grow-room constructed out of recycled materials. He sells the fleshy fungi at local markets.

The Buller Bushman

9:28 PM.Stephen McGrath lives with his son and daughter in the old Newton Livery between Murchison and Inangahua. He is a bush farmer with a passion for Clydesdales, who earn their keep by working the soil and carting firewood up from a Kanuka forest he has planted on the edge of the Buller River.

(From top to bottom) Stephen McGrath on a working sled with one of his Clydesdales (in the background is the stable he built from recycled materials), Stephen's house which used to be the old hotel, Stephen in his Kanuka forest and the Buller River that borders his farm.

Newton Livery

Newton Livery

Newton Livery

Newton Livery