Country Life

Friday 24 February 2012, with Carol Stiles, Susan Murray, Cosmo Kentish-Barnes & Duncan Smith

Gidday and Regional Wrap

9:05 PM.It's been wet, wet, wet across the North and South Islands this week so there's grass to burn, but farmers are struggling to keep control of feed.

Tea at Paturau

9:11 PM.Amelia Nurse visits Century Farmer Harry Richards at his remote West Coast farm at Paturau River.

The Milligan's of Murchison

9:29 PM.Murchison dairy farming couple Kerry and Vicki Milligan have decided to call it a day after eleven seasons.

Kerry and Vicki Milligan amongst their beloved dairy herd.

Kerry Vicki Milligan

Paturau Farm.

Harry Richards

Having a yarn, Harry Richards is on the left.

Harry Richards